Onecrete -The drop edge beam & retaining wall specialist #concrete formwork

Onecrete have been constructing drop edge beams and retaining walls for over a decade now. Their customers including "Montgomery Homes", the sloping block professionals in NSW, build with Onecrete due to the efficient and cost saving concreting methods practiced on their home sites. In fact Onecrete are so efficient it takes them less than an hour to erect the formwork for a 30m2 drop edge beam, and only 20 minutes to disassemble it. Concreter's on other residential building sites can often take up to and at times longer than a day to erect and disassemble the formwork for a similar job.

By utilising the Advanced Formwork Systems (Australia) form work Greg Chapman, the principal of Onecrete, takes all the stress and hassle out of pouring a large drop edge beam. "I enjoy doing drop edge beams and retaining walls now more than I do pouring traditional concrete slabs," Greg notes. This simple to install formwork system is safe, lightweight and easy to transport from job to job. Whilst at the same time "Advanced Formwork Systems are extremely strong and supportive", Greg adds.  He notes that "even high drop edge beams and retaining walls are secure when reinforced with their posts and braces."

Onecrete have been able to win substantial retaining wall contracts and drop edge beam work from builders and concreter's in NSW, who recognise the cost savings and efficiencies they employ on site. Jobs which are seen as often too difficult to form and pour for many concreter's, are viewed as " a piece of cake" for Greg and his team, who highly recommend you try Advanced Formwork Systems (Australia).



Onecrete can form and pour large drop edge beams efficiently with Advanced Formwork Systems posts and braces, saving time and money on site